La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux

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La Cité du vin, a unique place for multiple experiences

Immerse yourself in the world of wine and everything related to it. Welcome to la Cité du vin !

An absolute mandatory visit during your vacation in Gironde, La Cité du Vin is Bordeaux’s « Guggenheim » museum. The nickname applies because of its daring and majestic outlooks reminding of a wine stock, of wine as it is poured into a glass, of the river Garonne swirls even. This truly exceptional place, unique in the whole wide world, is haunted with the soul of wine – wine through the ages, through the world, through all different cultures and civilizations.


An original excursion during your holiday in Gironde.

The permanent exhibition allows you to stroll freely among the 20 thematic areas dedicated to the wine culture. The last stage will lead you 35 meters above the ground – La Cité du Vin’s belvedere unveils a panoramic 360° view over Bordeaux, Port de la Lune, and further over the seemingly endless vineyards. A truly unique sight you can appreciate with a glass of wine.

Whether you are a long time amateur or a beginner, live a unique experience at La Cité du Vin

All year long, you’ll be treated to several tasting stages, including a multi-sensory area. Not to mention educational workshops specifically designed for the youth.

La Cité du Vin awaits you for just a few hours, a whole day or an evening. It was conceived as a place for each and every one to find something valuable and exciting.

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