Go discover Cordouan lighthouse, the « Versailles of the seas »

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Visit Cordouan lighthouse, the last lighthouse in the sea that’s open to the public. Find a campsite in Médoc in Gironde or in Charente-Maritime near Royan on the other bank of the Gironde estuary.

Cordouan lighthouse, at the gate of the Gironde estuary, is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world.

Start your cruise on the Gironde estuary in Verdon sur Mer, Mescher sur Gironde or Royan and get to Cordouan to spend an unforgettable day out.

311 steps, 68-meter high, a light with a 40-km range – Cordouan lighthouse has been an architecture prowess and marvel as well as an everlasting protector for sailors for over 4 centuries.

Cordouan lighthouse is sometimes called « the King of lighthouses » for it is not an ordinary one. From its ground floor – “Le Vestibule” – to the lantern at the top with its majestic panoramic view, you’re in for 6 floors full of surprises and treasures – the king’s apartment and chapel, the vigil’s chamber etc.

Cordouan lighthouse: sustainability and UNESCO World Heritage.

Cordouan lighthouse stands on Cordouan’s rocky foreshore – a remarkable natural area with a fantastic wildlife that needs preservation. The whole area has been committed to a sustainable development policy led by the Gironde estuary’s local authorities. That doesn’t mean shore fishing is forbidden but you’ll have to respect the rules you’ll be given.

Cordouan lighthouse has been a Monument Historique i.e. national heritage site since 2002 and it is now candidate to UNESCO’s « World Heritage Site » label. Not that it needs it to shine bright of course!

Find a campsite in Médoc in Gironde or in Charente-Maritime near Royan on the other bank of the Gironde estuary to enjoy this fantastic and mandatory excursion in Nouvelle Aquitaine.

You just need to ride your bicycle, motorcycle, drive your car or even motor home across Gironde. The camping experience has no limits on Campings.online !

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