La Rochelle's Aquarium, one of the biggest private aquariums in Europe.

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What to do/what to see in La Rochelle you ask? While in Nouvelle Aquitaine, take the opportunity to visit Charente-Maritime's number one tourist spot : visit La Rochelle's aquarium and get ready to immerse yourself in the aquatic world of the oceans.

You found your campsite near La Rochelle? La Rochelle's aquarium is open all year so you can go whenever you please.

La Rochelle's aquarium is located in the heart of town centre, in front of the famous harbour. It has become a major tourist spot in France in only a few decades with over 800,000 visitors each year.
It gathers 12,000 animals and 600 marine species on 8,445 square meters and in 75 aquariumsone of the biggest private aquariums in Europe.

Small tip: La Rochelle's aquarium is also environmentally responsible with a « Qualité Tourisme » label. Handicapped persons will be welcomed and guided by a fully qualified staff. Riders should also know that the aquarium is one of the stages of Vélodyssée.

La Rochelle's Aquarium: a journey to the centre of the oceans for kids and grown-ups alike.</H3>

La Rochelle's aquarium's success is most probably due to how it was conceived for the youth and for families. Right from the entrance, a roaring elevator gives you the feeling you're descending 20,000 leagues under the sea and back into your childhood.
Share the magic and treasures of the Aquarium’s different universes: you'll certainly be thrilled in front of the  sharks' aquarium, you'll marvel at the majestic sea turtles, gallery of lights and great tropical greenhouse. The shop and « Café de l’Aquarium » will help you extend your visit and offer a panoramic view over the city of La Rochelle.

Jump out of your bowl with !
Book at a campsite in La Rochelle, on Île de Ré, in Rochefort or on Île d’Oléron, at a 90-minute drive from Bordeaux, Nantes or Poitiers,  plan a visit to La Rochelle's aquarium and switch your brain to the holidays settings!'s tip: take the walkway and cross La Rochelle's harbour from the library to get to centre town with the electric shuttle named « Le Passeur ».