Discover Charente and La Seudre, two rivers and estuaries that modelled Charente-Maritime’s landscape.

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Do you know the estuaries of the rivers Charente and La Seudre? River tourism, nature holidays and genuinely authentic gorgeous landscapes are on the schedule of your next vacation in our campsites of Charente and Charente-Maritime.

Your campsite by the river Charente, between Cognac and Rochefort.

From its source in Chéronnac in Haute-Vienne to its mouth in Charente-Maritime between Port des Barques and Fouras, in front of Île d’Oléron, Charente and its tributary rivers offer a multitude of varied landscapes as they flow across the eponymous department, with plenty of picturesque towns and villages.

In Charente, the river runs through 78 towns among which Angoulême (and its famous International Comic Books festival), Verteuil-sur-Charente (and its castle) Jarnac or Cognac famous for its liquor. Running through the many little villages via this river tourism experience will be a blast for all nature lovers.

What’s more, the river runs through 35 Charente-Maritime villages including Saintes (Gallo-Roman city), Tonnay-Charente (and its suspension bridge) or lovely Port d’Envaux and Saint Savinien. Do not miss a trip to Rochefort (where the Hermione sails), and its Naval shipyard, both are part of Charente’s estuary and « Réseau des Grands Sites de France » - “Greatest sites of France”.

Before you resume your road trip, take a selfie in front of the many picturesque carrelets along the estuary – it will lead you to the isles in front of Charente’s coastline : Île d’Aix, Île Madame, Île d’Oléron and l’Île de Ré.

South of Charente’s estuary is La Seudre’s estuary, home of « Marennes Oléron oysters ».

Drive on the viaduct of the river Seudre between Marennes and La Tremblade, only a few kilometres from Charente’s mouth. You’ll be in for a wonderful panoramic view over the estuary and its large oyster farms area on one side, and the ocean and beginning of Île d’Oléron and  town of Saint Trojan Les Bains on the other side.

Choose a campsite on Oleron or on Arvert peninsula on the river Seudre‘s left bank and explore an amazing and authentic area made of countless marshes, oyster farms, navigable channels, multi-coloured cabins…

Visit Cité de l’Huître, Musée Ostréicole and Moulin des Loges (the only mill powered by the tide that’s still functioning). Have a different look at La Seudre taking the Train des Mouettes between La Tremblade and Saujon. Take a break in Mornac sur Seudre, one of the Most beautiful Villages of France, or in L’Aiguille sur Seudre and its lovely little harbour.

Did you know the rivers Charente and Seudre were linked by a canal between Marennes and Saint-Hippolyte? Both will unveil their secrets, picturesque villages, great heritage, hiking, horse or bicycle riding, on a boat, in the estuary or along the rivers.

Let our campsites in Charente near Rochefort, in Saint Savinien or Saint Jean d’Angély,  or the campsites on the bank of the river Seudre, in the south of Oléron, in Les Mathes, Saint Augustin, Saint Sulpice de Royan or Saint Sornin be your guide.  They’ll offer their quality services and their staff will come up with plenty of good tips for you to spend unforgettable nature holidays.

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