Visit L’Hermione– Lafayette’s legendary frigate – in Rochefort

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Visiting L’Hermione and the arsenal and you will experience the extraordinary adventure of a mythical boat forever associated to Marquis La Fayette and the United States of America.

Where is L’Hermione ? The « frigate of liberty » anchors in Rochefort in Charente-Maritime, its official harbour and the site it was restored at. Find your campsite near Rochefort, in Châtelaillon-Plage, Saint-Nazaire-sur-Charente, Surgères, Saint-Savinien or Saint-Sornin, and plan a visit of L’Hermione.

In 1997, Association Hermione La Fayette decided – a tad foolishly it seemed at first – to build L’Hermione again in Rochefort’s naval shipyard. It was finished in 2015 and went at sea to cross the Atlantic Ocean until Boston, on the trail of Marquis de La Fayette.

The association turned 20 on July 8th, 2017. It was an opportunity to celebrate with all volunteers, craftsmen, members, public structures and locals. Next trip for the frigate: « Voyage Hermione 2018, libres ensemble de l’Atlantique à la Méditerranée  » – « freedom, together, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean sea ».

L’Hermione is at the heart of the naval shipyard. Take this opportunity to discover a truly unique heritage in Rochefort, its area and along the Charente estuary.

L’Hermione is 65-m long, has 2 200-sqm of sails and 3 masts – the highest is 54-m above the keel. Its « natural habitat » is at the 374-m long Corderie Royale, the XVIIth century jewel of the ancient arsenal.

Guided tours, exhibitions, workshops, adventure parcours from mast to mast to act like a real crew member, National Navy Museum, Centre International de La Mer de La Corderie Royale… L’Hermione and Rochefort’s naval shipyard will no longer have secrets for you!

Sail to your upcoming camping holidays with! Select a campsite near Rochefort and discover the Charente estuary, its carrelets – typical fishing cabins – and go on a cruise to Oléron and Fort Boyard.

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