Your campsite on the Atlantic coast in South West France, in Gironde, in Landes and in Pyrénées Atlantiques.

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Go camping in Médoc, on the coastline or in the vineyards, along the Gironde estuary.

Enjoy Médoc’s coastline’s endless beaches, from Soulac to Lacanau – a surfer’s paradise. Médoc is also a great place for bicycle riding or hiking – in the vineyards for instance. It is a great opportunity to indulge in wine tourism and learn about the area’s greatest wines. Then hop on a boat for a cruise and discover the many marvels of the Gironde estuary.

Go for a cultural and gourmet stroll in the city of Bordeaux and its surroundings down to peaceful Val de Garonne.

Tickle your tastebuds at the Cité Mondiale du Vin and enjoy a fantastic panoramic view over the city of Bordeaux. Plan your visit there according to your interests and hobbies and discover a multi-faceted city.

Explore Bordeaux’s surroundings thanks to the many wine routes and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. More to the South, let the river guide you and just give in to the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of Val de Garonne – river Garonne valley – with its many friendly and picturesque villages.

Back to the ocean – your campsite in Arcachon bay or near Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park.

Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park will most certainly be the nature break you’ll need during your camping vacation in South West France – in Gironde or in Landes.

Arcachon bay is another quiet, unspoiled natural environment – the oysters and the Dune of Pilat’s fantastic panoramic view count among its treasures.

Our selection of campsites in South West Atlantic coastline now takes you to Landes and the Basque country.

Are you more of a surfer, a spa addict, a golfer or a foodie?  Don’t worry, you can be all of them if you go to a campsite in Landes or in the Basque country! If you’re looking for a genuine experience, just head to Pyrénées Atlantiques to discover the heritage, traditions and great food of Béarn and inland Basque country.

From Médoc to the Basque country via Arcachon bay or the city of Bordeaux and its outskirts, at a holiday camp, a family campsite, in a sea resort, a seaside campsite or in the heart of a pine forest – our selection of « South West Atlantic coast » campsites will match all your needs and wishes.

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